About "Cherry Blo Limited" company

Cherry Blo Ltd. ("Сherry Blossoms Dress" on Etsy.com) is a Bulgarian clothing manufacturing company. We design and produce garments and dresses for women and children (girls), formal and informal dresses for different types of events...

We supply and sell in every country, however our biggest markets are Europe (France, Italy, UK, Austria and Germany) and North America (USA and Canada). If you have any questions - contact us now.

We are wholesale manufacturer and supplier. If you have any questions - contact us now.

 Сherry Blossoms Dress is not merely a dress that you like, buy and wear. Cherry blossoms is life itself, a spiritual journey, a flight beyond borders.

Cherry Blossoms Dress is a moment of love, a moment of tender feeling, a moment of smiling … Everything that you can see here, has been inspired by the desire to create beauty, to accumulate good, bright energy, to caress soul and matter in the shape of an earthly body. Our dream is open-minded people with pure thoughts, striving towards spiritual growth, to meet and communicate here... People who would feel the pulse of the universe in the same way…

The team here that endows apparel with life, is not only a gang of smiling dreamers who would like to earn their living creating art – they are craving to make people smile, to create, to be the small part of that small part which creates Beauty...

The sizes are given in details under each piece of work. The main purpose is to create apparel that could be worn by all fine beings, whose bodies nature has endowed with different shapes. Therefore, even if you are not the same size as the models in advertisements (whom, of course, we like very much, too), do not worry – here you will find the dress that will embrace your body affectionately making you feel unique, arousing your internal contentment!

Each dress has a label with information about the fabric and the cleaning care instructions. If you would like to have your dress beautiful, please hand wash it – do not use tumble driers, heat driers or any such aggressive disasters:))...promise and treat it only with Love:))!

At the beginning of the most beautiful and inspiring season – spring, we present you with a small branch of morello cherry blossoms and open the gates of our temple of love and light … The Temple of Love, Beauty, Freedom and Inspiration – You are welcome, be our muse!